You're welcome here - no matter who you are or where you've been.

At Harvestland Chuch, we're here to walk through whatever chapter of life you're in. We want to support you when things get tough. We want to celebrate the awesome things going on in your life. God's work in you is told through the story of your life, and we care about you because God cares about you.

What to expect

We have 2 worship services throughout the week - Sunday at 10 AM and Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Our Sunday worship service lasts about 90 minutes, while our Wednesday worship service lasts about one hour.

We open up in praise and worship, listen to a message from our Pastor, and close in prayer. Our guests all have different backgrounds and come from different walks of life. We don't expect anyone to dress up, we want you to come are you are.

We offer a kids service during our worship services where they will learn about God in a safe and fun environment in ways that they are able to understand who He is and how He has a purpose for our lives.

We believe God has a purpose for your life, and we want to walk alongside you as you discover what He has planned for you.