We want you to serve and use your God given skills to help His people.

We've created these groups to give everyone an opportunity to use and explore their talents to grow God's Kingdom. Being a part of an Equip Group at Harvestland Church means working together as a team to engage guests in God's house. We show our guests grace and love, and want our extension (our volunteers) to have the same heart.

Where can I serve?

  • Harvestland Kids: Care for children ages 6 weeks through 5 years old. The kids will be in a positive environment where they'll learn about God, while parents can feel at ease knowing their children are safe during our services.
  • Harvestland Worship: We have 2 teams, our Sunday worship team and our Next Gen team that plays on Wednesdays. We create an environment where our guests can focus on God and lift up the name of Jesus.
  • Production: An extension of the worship team, we are responsible for audio, video, and lighting for each worship service.
  • Creatives: We develop and implement new experiences to our worship services in creative ways. We do the hard work to make our environment look and feel the best it can.
  • Security: Provides a safe and distraction free environments for all guests and volunteers at Harvestland.
  • Guest Relations: Involves greeting guests as they arrive, assisting them to their seats, serving communion, and making sure you feel welcomed every service.
  • Coffee Bar: We are the ones who will gladly serve you coffee and make sure you feel at home inside of our building during our services.
  • Sunday Morning Prayer: For those that want to provide their prayerful gifts and help prepare people to worship God and receive the message that Pastor has prepared for us every week.

What happens after I apply to become a volunteer?

After you apply, we'll review your application and reach out to you if we have any questions. We'd like to get to know you, so expect one of our leaders to reach out to you to talk about your application. We're a "Yes before No" kind of church, so we're willing to train you and get you up to speed after we meet!

How often do I serve?

Each group operates differently. When we meet, we'll talk about finding a balance for your life where you can serve when it's comfortable for you. We use software to help with scheduling so we can make sure all volunteers have time off.

How do I know which team to serve on?

We want you to serve in the group that best suits your gifts and personality! The list above on this web page describes our groups and what we're looking for in each. Take a look at that list and then click the REGISTER button at the top of the page.